Shopping For A New RV – one

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to have your head turned. While camping in Key West last March we saw a motorhome we could not stop talking about. At that time we were happy with ours and had no intention of making a change, but little did we know that style of camper would be in our future. Facebook-20150925-074832

We started out in 2002 wanting a small vintage camper, you know, a little fixer-upper.  It was a 1976 Argosy and a labor of love, which we enjoyed for several years.

Then came the desire for something that did not need a lot of up-keep. Just how many people do you know truly buys campers on eBay? Yes, we did, a brand new 2006 Keystone Outback. This fifth wheel was very nice inside so at this point we were no longer camping, I think the term now is clamping.

Next came the Class A motorhome which needed a little TLC and by this time we were ready to add our own personal touch again. This type of camping made it possible to travel across the United States in all four seasons.


Now it is time for a change once more; I think we have found the type of motorhome that best suites us which is a large Class C. We are no spring chickens anymore so the ride means everything. The class A is nice and it is a nice home away from home but the ride of this larger Class C is the top of the line.

The search is now on for the ride of our dream.

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Fireplace Facelift

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All it takes is a little paint and to come out of your comfort zone and construct a mantle. Or, purchase a mantle, but of course this fireplace was an odd size.

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Camping Can Be Relaxing

2014-05-18 19.28.02What’s not to love with a view like this.

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