Spring Time Camping

Gearing up for camping plans while working on many projects at home. We are looking for a three day get-away just to take a little rest. Obey campground last year was a relaxing place, we may try it out again.

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Why Tired If Retired? three

The ceiling is almost complete adding the tin, it is looking great. We are adding a fan in the living room  and replacing lights. This update is already making a big change to this house.


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Why Tired If Retired? two

Starting at the top seems like the best way to begin. A tin ceiling is something we have grown to love in our home and it will be great here in this house.


Painting the walls are moving slow, but each day we see progress. We said a few years ago we would not purchase another fixer-upper… this is the last… I sure hope this is the last.

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