Florida In March… continues

Heading In To The Florida Keys

We are enjoying our travels, once we passed Daytona it was all new ground for us. This was the first time to see the Ever Glades and the Keys.

koa29Just a FYI, don’t try to roll in to Key West or any of the Keys on a Friday or Saturday…. not good… not pretty… and especially not a pleasant ride. We drove in on Saturday and it was bumper to bumper all the way. Our stop was Sugarloaf Key KOA Campground and what was to be a five-hour drive became a seven hour marathon. As we got closer the color of the water changed colors and the worries of the trip was quickly wiped away.

About nesmith's at home

We as a family enjoy being with each other. Hobbies seem to domonate our lives for some strange reason. As you will see with up coming pictures each family member has his and her own hobby and adventures. This blog is created to help keep family and freinds up todate with this ever moving family.
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