Florida Key’s

Plan Plan Plan

If you plan a trip is it the only way to have a good time? No, but trying to research your destination and the places you want to see makes a world of difference. We planned six days for Key West and could have used one more day.

While planning our trip I used Pinterest, I have found it is a nice tool. Create a board for each city you plan to visit and you are sure to find many sites both expected and unexpected. Make sure you add a map, most but not all of the locations you choose can be placed on that map. Then just print you picks. We first done this for Branson and it kelp me on tract since we had less days scheduled.

How do you plan for a trip and what do you use… app’s, trip advisory, or do you just Google?

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We as a family enjoy being with each other. Hobbies seem to domonate our lives for some strange reason. As you will see with up coming pictures each family member has his and her own hobby and adventures. This blog is created to help keep family and freinds up todate with this ever moving family.
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