A Few Tennessee Campgrounds

With snow on the ground and below freezing temps, we can only have dreams of camping. Well unless you are one of the tough kind that like the cold. I thought I would post a few campgrounds in our 2014 trips that are nice family friendly parks. Dale Hollow Campground, is just below the Dam with the Obey River running right by many of the camp sites. We enjoyed watching the raise and fall of the river from the front window of our motor home.  Many campers come to fish while our sole purpose was to sit and watch and take walks along the paved trail. If you are in Tennessee and want to see the beauty of our Tennessee hills, make time for a trip to this campground. It’s place is in the upper middle part of Tennessee, Celina TN and is owned by the Corps of Engineers.

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Just about 15 to 20 miles over in Byrdstown, TN you will find another nice campground, the Obey River Campground also owned by the Corps of Engineers. This is one of my favorites because of the camp sites right by the water. There are no walking trails but the campground is large enough to take long strolls. What person does not like to check out other campers. I think that is how we in the camping world decide we need to up grade to a larger camper. I know we went from a pull behind, to fifth wheel, to motor home.

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One more park that is on the top of our list is Reelfoot Lake Campground owned by the Reelfoot Lake State Park in  Tiptonville, TN., in the northwest corner of Tennessee. They say, and we all know who “They are”, they have one of the greatest hunting and fishing preserves in the nation, I don’t doubt it at all. You will find while there, something seems different; the lake was a result of an earthquake that tore the land in 1811-1812. If I am not mistaken it was the same quake that made the Mississippi River run backwards.

There are boat tours, fishing, and canoeing.  We found that it was a great place to go bird watching, and the number one most watched bird is the golden and American bald eagle. The banks of Reelfoot Lake is also home to almost every kind of shore and wading bird.

Then there are the cypress trees and there knees. We arrived late in the day,  after the park center closed so we were not able to get many questions answered. One of my question was about the cypress, this is not a common tree for Tennessee, so how did it get there?

I do know that it is a place I want to go back and spend more time. We have more pictures of this campground but can’t find them. I will post at a later date. Reelfoot has a lot for everyone to see.

I truly appreciate our Tennessee State Parks and the US Corps of Engineer’s, you can see the passion all the employees and volunteers put into preserving nature.

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