Why Tired If We Are Retired? one

My better half and I have taken on a new project, I guess we are two gluttons for punishment. We have purchased a piece of property next door that is in need of a lot of work. It was once owned by a dear sweet man, and best neighbor you could ever have.

To keep this short, it was passed  down and unintentionally neglected. Now it is ours. We have no plans to move in but it needs to be lived in and my mother is the right person for this place.

Over the next few months, or year, or years, we plan on giving this little house a face lift inside and out. We have no intention of giving up our travels but it will be slowing us down both time wise and financially.

This is what we have to work with… good bones.  I will be posting our progress so follow our journey. Any and all advice will be given full consideration and most possibly used.

Yes, that is the true color green you are looking at, no enhancements have been made.



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Winter Time Travels

Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

Don’t miss out on enjoying the beauty of nature during winter months. Most campers take in  spring, summer, and fall, but the winter has so much to give. Living in Tennessee we do have the ability to travel snow free most of the season and we take full advantage.

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October Fall Colors

Facebook-20151020-042621From Maine to Tennessee, the colors are beautiful this year. We have enjoyed camping all along the east coast.









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