Shopping For A New RV – three

The cart may have been put before the horse within my last post on shopping for RV’s. In the list of my opinions of the do’s and don’ts, this post will read as if I did not take my advice. But rather this was how we learned what not to do. Maybe this post is more of an explanation of why we have made our decisions on this last RV purchase.

Once we decided to look for the camper/RV, of course we went back to the dealership we purchased our last RV. Just by chance this large company was showing commercials of a giant sale and we felt this was the time. Also this dealer was showing on their web site the exact used brand and style we wanted.


My, my were we surprised. First of all this “large camping dealership” does not keep their web site up to date. The RV was sold four plus weeks earlier. Once it was determined that what we wanted was not in stock the sales person had no desire to talk about finding one for us. He was done, they had a sale going on and apparently they were being pushed to move the on lot inventory. It was also disappointing to see they were not over stocked as implied on the commercial. There was also no type of appreciation that we were a return  customer.

Now for the next step, we searched news papers, sales catalogs, ebay, local shopping networks on the web, and finally the brand website. They put us in touch with a local Jayco dealership.

So we bit the bullet and ordered a new 2016 Jayco Seneca. Our decision for this type of camper is based on how we travel. We tend to plan trips that are further away from home. Of course being retired gives us the luxury to travel for weeks at a time. This style gives us a more stable and comfortable ride to go further in one day. It is also not as intimidating for me to drive. I tried to drive our last motorhome and I could not and knew not to try. With this camper I am able to drive and give my husband a break. Even though we have not had our Seneca long, we already know it was the right choice and the best fit for our traveling life style.

This is most likely our last trade and purchase. We have enjoyed and experience owning several different types of campers/RV’s and love to reminisce.

I can’t close without giving more advice, “Please, don’t forget to take pictures”.  Also when making any changes to you camper, take before and after pictures. I promise you will not regret it and looking back it so much fun.


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Shopping For A New RV – two

What to think about when purchasing a recreational vehicle or in the camping organization an RV. If you are an experience camper and no doubt there are thing I have left out, please add in the comments. I want this to help new campers because whether it is tent, pop-up, or motorhomes, the main purpose is to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • How you plan to use your camper? This is not a silly question, many think they know until the first camping trip, and then you realize there are so many things you did not take into account.  Having several family members and friends with camper/RV’s, it is clear we all enjoy our time away from home differently. My husband and I like to travel around to multiple states and for weeks on a trip, while others go out only on  weekends and holidays and go within short distances from home. Then others use only seasonal. Believe me distance matters.
  • What size of camper do you need verses want? Believe it or not size matters. Most new comers to camping think they want small, but there are so many things to take into consideration. How many are in the family. How many more will be joining you on these trips, and don’t forget the pets. You think pets will not take up room but they do, there is the floor or their share of the bed. Don’t forget your pets needs, like dog food and water bowls, things like these will take up more room than you realize. I have heard some people say, “If you think you need one size then you need to go up one size”. I think this statement is absolutely true.
  • New verses Used – Affordability ? For beginners please go used, and try not to have a payment of your new purchase. The first camper is your learning process. You may hit it lucky and find exactly what your family wants, but then you may be like the rest of us and realize you need something bigger. Researching cost of campgrounds will help in giving you an idea of the cost of your new hobby. If this is not your first rodeo, then you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for, in price, size, and style.
  • Where do you purchase?  Beginners don’t be lured in by the large camping sales yards and commercials. Research, research, research!!! Start looking everywhere; newspaper, sales catalogs, eBay, the web, and even in peoples yards. Once you start looking, friends and family will help with the search. Also discussion; by having family discussions many things come to the surface that other family members had not thought about. Please consider the financial impact, making payments starting out may keep you from camping. If shopping at a large camper dealership there are extra chargers that they keep hidden until you are signing the paper work. Not all camper sales yards charge for prepping/cleaning your camper before you take ownership. You would think cleaning would be a part of the appreciation of the purchase. Never will we purchase from a large camping sales yard. I will talk about our latest purchase at a later date.
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Shopping For A New RV – one

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to have your head turned. While camping in Key West last March we saw a motorhome we could not stop talking about. At that time we were happy with ours and had no intention of making a change, but little did we know that style of camper would be in our future. Facebook-20150925-074832

We started out in 2002 wanting a small vintage camper, you know, a little fixer-upper.  It was a 1976 Argosy and a labor of love, which we enjoyed for several years.

Then came the desire for something that did not need a lot of up-keep. Just how many people do you know truly buys campers on eBay? Yes, we did, a brand new 2006 Keystone Outback. This fifth wheel was very nice inside so at this point we were no longer camping, I think the term now is clamping.

Next came the Class A motorhome which needed a little TLC and by this time we were ready to add our own personal touch again. This type of camping made it possible to travel across the United States in all four seasons.


Now it is time for a change once more; I think we have found the type of motorhome that best suites us which is a large Class C. We are no spring chickens anymore so the ride means everything. The class A is nice and it is a nice home away from home but the ride of this larger Class C is the top of the line.

The search is now on for the ride of our dream.

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